Natalie C. Parker – Seafire Audiobook

Natalie C. Parker – Seafire Audiobook

Natalie C. Parker - Seafire Audio Book Free
Seafire Audiobook Online

Natalie C. Parker provides an action-packed, exhilarating opener to her brand-new collection with Seafire. This female-focused unique packs a strike with continuous activity as well as a set that is alluring. Caledonia Styx shed her entire household 4 years ago when a ship managed by the high-handed Aric Athair assaulted their own. Seafire Audiobook Free. Currently Caledonia, in addition to Pisces, the only other survivor of the Ghost, have actually forged a brand-new kind of family members for themselves. Cruising the Mors Navis, the all-female crew of 53 have actually made it their objective to thwart Athair every chance they get. Caledonia desire for the day when she can finally retaliate her household as well as take him down forever. When Caledonia as well as her team come one-on-one with a Bullet, one of Athair’s soldiers, seeking to extricate his thumb, she has to make a decision if trusting him is worth the threat.

The highlight of Seafire is of course Caledonia as well as her female crew. They’re fierce, brave and also tenacious. I enjoyed exactly how well they all collaborate and that no one outperforms another. They each have their specific toughness and as long as they are devoted to doing their job, they work like a well-oiled maker. Parker does a fine job of clearing out numerous of her minor characters. Hime was an especially interesting personality. The team of the Mors Navis rescued her from Aric Athair and also understands the sizes the tyrant has gone to keep control of his soldiers, drugging them right into submission. Most of the team are extremely protective of Hime, however I loved just how much fight was in her. Caledonia often relates to Hime as either a liability, because of her former dependency to Silt, Aric Athair’s medicine of choice, or inexpendable, since she functions as a paramedic on the ship. Hime, nevertheless, wants an opportunity to eliminate and also as the tale advances, it becomes clear just how much the team requires her. I was also attracted to Pisces, who operates as an aluminum foil to Caledonia for much of the book. Empathy and also grace come a lot easier to her than her captain. As very first mate, it’s Pisces’s work to have Caledonia’s back, but also to understand when her authority requires to be tested. I loved that Pisces has a very various way of taking a look at the globe as her viewpoint is essential for everybody looking to take down Athair and also usher in a new kind of world.

Seafire is as much regarding its lead character’s toughness as it has to do with her weak points. Caledonia was compelled to grow up at a young age, not only due to the world she grew up in, yet because of that she chose to become when her household was murdered. She has developed a various kind of household for herself with her crew and also most of her decisions are based on maintaining them secure. Nevertheless, Caledonia is not used to being susceptible and tends to see the world in black and white. Her uncompromising sights and thick skin have actually maintained her and her crew alive, yet has also made it difficult for her to leave her very own method. Caledonia’s very own show of mercy caused her household’s demise and so she has vowed to never ever show mercy to a Bullet again. She’s invested a lot time feeding her hatred of Aric Athair as well as his Bullets that she’s failed to remember that at one point these soldiers were victims. Athair has actually developed his army by requiring individuals he subjugates sacrifice their children and also little girls to his cause. I examined many of Caledonia’s choices, but they were all true to her personality and they never ever made me examine her resolve.

Though classified a dream, Natalie C. Parker’s Seafire learns more like a dystopian/post-apocalyptic story. There are hints of what the world made use of to be and also modern technology that only makes good sense to a setting where world had as soon as grown. Natalie C. Parker – Seafire Audio Book Online. I enjoyed discovering this world and also look forward to learning more. Seafire is a simple novel to fall for and also is refreshingly driven by a solid sense of family, both the one the personalities are born into and also the one they built for themselves.