John Pontius – Visions of Glory Audiobook

John Pontius – Visions of Glory Audiobook

John Pontius - Visions of Glory Audio Book Free
Visions of Glory Audiobook Download

I stood up to checking out Visions of Splendor for quite time. After checking out other books by Sibling John, (as he would sign off on his blog site), and having several pals advise it, I can no more put it off. The understandings got from reading this book have actually been nearly frustrating. Whether you find the story believable or otherwise, it absolutely provides one something to contemplate.

It is very important to bear in mind that these visions specified to someone as well as not intended to be pythonic or supersede any type of guidance from LDS General Authorities. I did locate nonetheless, my mind was opened to a far better understanding of certain concepts as well as scriptures. This has actually brought about several individual meditations and also understandings concerning our purpose in life.

Constantly comply with the living prophet! Visions of Glory Audiobook Free. Look for personal revelation! Live righteously! And also, identify the well worth of a spirit is wonderful! I very recommend this book! I was really crucial of this publication, initially … yet I enabled myself to review it (paid attention to audiobook) simply as somebody’s tale, and also not an effort to produce a new prophecy, or a scripture, yet simply a vision of the bro, who was attempting to show the globe about their life as well as the visions that they have actually experienced. This publication impacted me as though my love for the Hero has actually grown since and this vision sort of became my own. Being a church participant, a great deal of things in fact really felt extremely near my heart. I wasn’t sure, at first, if I need to take any one of that to heart, yet I prayed to Heavenly Father and also obtained some remarkable motivation with the author’s tale.

The Second Coming of the Lord currently seems much more sensible and a great deal of events defined in this publication appear extremely plausible. Then again, I do not think that anybody ought to take any one of these as straight occasions and truths that will take place in specifically the same ways. The “Later” states that several of the events alter from fact to a metaphor as well as this modification is recurring. I advise this publication! if you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, attempt to read this without prejudice, if you are a member, ask God for guidance as well as some amazing things might be opened to you. What an incredible publication!! While it’s an account of one guy’s individual experience and visions it interests review what he saw as well as experienced. It truly is an eye opener as well as places points in an entire brand-new point of view to some of the ‘behind the scenes’ things we don’t usually see, hear or recognize exists and to what degree and also in that sort of information.

There is no question in my mind this male experienced these points, that has actually been confirmed to me and I value him sharing this for those that are ready to hear and also learn from it. I love that he intends to continue to be unidentified to keep the ’15 minutes. of popularity’ off of him for numerous, respectable reasons as well as keep it where we understand it belongs to. He knows his location and makes it clear he’s not attempting to become over anything. That’s a modest man as well as a true disciple of Christ. Really fascinating read of one man’s near death experience, time in the spiritual measurement, as well as visions of what he saw happening in the latter days. The concept of “websites” is a little far-fetched, yet besides that, the majority of this rests very well with exactly how I visualize the saints being purified and raised to an earthbound level, fit to live in Zion with Christ.

Far way too many people believe this is bro John Pontius’ blogging about his very own experience. This is not. This is John thoroughly editing the experiences of “Spencer”, John’s good friend as well as the anonymous topic of this book. If you want to experience John’s wonderful, light-filled, motivating words, seek to his various other publications. I extremely advise “Adhering to the Light of Christ right into His Visibility”; it changed my life and was a catalyst for my conversion to Christ. John Pontius – Visions of Glory Audio Book Download. Reading this book was amazing spiritual trip. We understand through Revelations in the scriptures there will certainly be amazing devastation in numerous kinds in the “last days”, as well as we catch a glimpse of several of that feasible destruction in this book. However the book likewise shares an extraordinary enthusiastic result. It resonated with me.